How to Change United Airlines Flight


United Airlines is one of the major airlines of the United States of America. Its headquarter is based out at Willis Tower in Chicago. It is the 3rd major airline in the world, which operates in large domestic and international route networks. It is the best available airline for passengers that provides the best flights with different amenities. Its easy booking process followed by best route network and also the different onboard facilities make the travel so easier for its traveler. It is very unfortunate if someone needs to cancel or change their trip.

Change United Airlines Flight Tickets

If any user thinks about United Airlines Change Flight. The airline also makes easier to its flight change system.

Here are some steps for United Airlines Change Flight Date:

  • First, open the internet browser.
  • Thereafter, visit the official website of United Airline.
  • Now on the next step hit the option ‘manage your booking’
  • Now the user enters the booking reference number and the surname of the traveler and clicks on the tap ‘continue’.
  • The service provider will open the details of booking where the travel aspirants need to select the ‘change date’ option. 
  • After that select the new travel date and click on ‘next’
  • The service provider will display a list of flights from where the travel aspirants need to select a flight and hit the tap ‘continue’
  • For any fare difference, if extra payment is required then pay the amount.
  • After successful payment, the service provider will send a confirmation mail to the registered mail with new flight details.

Flight Change Fee

If any traveler wants to change their booking with United Airlines or has already changed their booking eager to know the United Airlines Flight Change Fee. Here below are the details of the airline flight change fees:

  • For a domestic flight – the change fee is $ 200
  • For an international flight – the change is $400
  • For same-day change booking – the change fee is $75
  • Basic economy reservation holders – they are not eligible for flight change
  • For MileagePlus, premier gold, platinum members – it’s free

Flight Change Policy

If any user wants to change his/her reservation with the united Airline and is eager to know about the United Airlines Flight Change Policy – which helps anyone to know about the charges what they need to pay when they cancel their reservation with the airline. Here are points that indicate the changed policy of this airline:

  • One who wants to change the reservation within 24 hours of their booking needs to pay the discounted fee for changing the booking.
  • As per the Change policy of United Airlines, the travel aspirants who wish to change their reservation need to pay the change fee as per the destination or route.
  • The person who wishes to change their reservation with the United airline, if their booking is eligible for online change only, they can change the flight. For example, the basic economy class booking is not allowed for change online booking.
  • Those who want to change on the same-day booking need to pay a minimum amount of $ 75 for booking changes.

Missed Flight Policy

If any travel aspirants missed he/she flight and worried about what is the United Airlines Missed Flight Policy – here is the list, if one misses a flight with United Airlines:

  • Check for a new flight for your destination and re-book the same
  • If the destination airport flight is not available at this time go for an alternative nearby airport.
  • If there are no seats on the next flight then go for a stand-by list, when the seat will available the airline authority will inform the traveler.
  • The airline may be waived the standby fee and it will be free for the traveler.

If any travel aspirants face any issues of the above, they can contact the airline’s 24 x7 helpline number and get the full information.

United Airlines Flight Change Policy - Missed Flight Policy

How to Cancel or Change United Airlines missed, cancelled, or delayed Flight. You can change your flight via manage booking portal and Missed flight policy, and Change flight policy.