How to Change Lufthansa Flight Ticket


Lufthansa airline allows passengers to change or modify their flights instead of canceling them. Today, we’re going to discuss how Lufthansa Change Flight can change your travel plans with Lufthansa. This carrier allows passengers to change their names whenever they are comfortable. To access the Lufthansa passenger name change option, you can visit its main page. Here you will find the procedure change Lufthansa Airlines Flight Ticket.


How to Change Name on Lufthansa Flight Booking

  • Sign in to the Lufthansa website.
  • Then find the "Lufthansa manage booking" option.
  • Provide details of your booking such as passenger name, ticket number to access your flight, etc.
  • Passengers will now be given the option to select the change that they want to make whether it is flights, names, or seats. Given the scenario, select "Rename".
  • Now, make any necessary changes or corrections to the Lufthansa name by following the on-screen instructions.
  • Follow the instructions given and confirm your changes. Ask for a boarding pass for a new plane with your correct name, if possible.