How to Change Southwest Airlines Flight


Southwest Airlines Flight Change Policy

It is very unfortunate to change or cancel a trip but an emergency can happen anytime. Have an upcoming reservation with Southwest Airlines that want to change the booking due to any emergency. The first thing comes to mind that what would be Southwest Airlines Change Flight process? In such a case, no need to worry at all Southwest Airlines takes care of its travel aspirant also at the time of changing the booking.


If any travel aspirants want to change their reservation with Southwest Airlines, they need to know the Southwest Airlines Flight Change Fees. This Airline is the only one in the United States that doesn’t charge any change fee from its travel aspirants. 


  • When travel aspirants think about changing their flight, they need to pay the fare difference of the flight fares. The airline will not change any change fee.
  • Similarly, if any travel aspirant changes their reservation with Southwest in case of any emergency the airline will not charge the change fee.


The user who has a reservation with Southwest Airlines and wishes to change the reservation due to some emergency and is eager to know about the Southwest Airlines Flight Change Policy. Here are some key highlights of the changed policy of the airline:


  • Southwest airline allows 24 hours Flight change policy, where the travel aspirants can change reservations within 24 hours of the booking period. The airline will not charge any change fee from the travel aspirants.
  • As per southwest Airlines’ flight change policy, the travel aspirants can change their reservation within 10 minutes before the scheduled departure of the flight.
  • The airline also allows the Same-day flight change policy, where the travel aspirants can change their reservation online or offline within the same day of their reservation.


If any travel aspirants want to change their reservation, follow the below steps to change the same:

  1. Visit the airline’s official website
  2. Hit the tap ‘manage bookings’
  3. Now enter the PNR number and surname of the passenger to open the details
  4. After opening the flight details, the user needs to select the change option and select the new flight details and pay extra fare change and press the option ‘confirm’
  5. One can change their reservation by calling the airline's officials or by sending mail to the official email address.

Southwest Airlines Missed Flight Policy

Someone had a flight booking and missed the flight in any case. No worry, the Airline provides priority to those passengers. Here is the southwest Airlines flight missed policy. One must follow the steps when they missed their flights:


  • If any travel aspirants missed their flight and inform the airline authority on time that the customer is going to miss the flight the airline will change the flight ticket for the next available flight.
  • If any traveler fails to inform the airline about the missed flight the traveler will charge a show fee.
  • If the user denied paying the no-show fee, then the airline will cancel the future booking of that traveler will be canceled by the airline.


Southwest Airlines has a ‘flat tire’ rule that says if any traveler arrives at the airport within 2 hours. The airline will try to accommodate him/her on another flight, but the traveler must make a call atleast10 minutes before the flight departure but that’s potentially flexible. 

If any user faces some issues with the Change policy or any other matter with their reservation can contact the airline for more details.

How to Change Southwest Flight

If you have been affected by an involuntary change, you can change the date/time of your flight up to 14 days from the original travel date at no additional cost.